Friday, December 11, 2015

Menu for Christmas 2015 dinner

Christmas zone meals were quite the production.  We had three to four helpers (members of the Quito Stakes) at each of the nine lunches or dinners in the mission home.  The appetizers were the first big project as they needed to be at the Church early.  Once that was done, it was time to make the delicious freezer rolls, put the turkeys in the oven, and do the rest.  Only one dinner was a comedy (or tragedy) of errors where the turkey wasn´t cooked enough, the brownies weren´t done, I bonked my head on the stove fan and nearly tripped on a rug.  It was definitely not my day.  The good news is that the missionaries didn´t seem to notice because we played a white elephant game while the oven got turned up to broiling!

Miracles aren´t only out in the teaching...many times I´ve experienced kitchen miracles.  Betty Crocker stays close by me in the kitchen when I´m preparing big meals.  I often look up and whisper "Thank you!"

Mariana and Sisters Pemberton, Naylor, Garcia and Richardson getting ready to fill bread baskets with mouth watering rolls
Raspberry Jello with crushed pineapple and raspberries on a bed of lettuce topped with cream
Hermana Ayala and Elder Ramponi prepare the plates in the kitchen

Elders Perez and Dyal try out the raspberry jello salad
The final product
Elders Fierro and Echeverrito take a roll from the basket

mashed potatoes
RICE of course!
winter salad
sweet potato casserole
green beans
delicious rolls

Super brownies
chocolate fudge topping with mint flavoring
vanilla ice cream

Hermanas Naylor, Pemberton and Garcia put the desserts together, with the help of Mariana Vallejo in the background
Elders Ramponi, Valentine and Higgins are wonderful servers

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